Concrete is very strong compressively and can carry great amounts of weight, but over a distance it lacks tensile strength. In order to add strength we ensure our concrete is reinforced. Reinforcement can come in varying shapes and forms such as rebar, wire mesh, and fibre mesh.

Rebar is extruded steel bars that we tie into a grid system to increase the tensile strength of the concrete and bond it over long spans. This is a good way to reinforce your concrete if you will ever have heavy vehicles on your concrete or concerned about future issues such as roots. We can also drill rebar into existing concrete to physically bond the separate pours together, this is an easy way to stop the concrete from settling against building in the future.

Wire mesh are premade wire grids that com pre-manufactured in sheets. When you place wire mesh in concrete, it will add to the tensile strength and stop minor shifting and cracking; it’s a way to add reinforcement on a budget and is ideal for low traffic concrete areas.

Fibre mesh is tiny fibre glass hairs that are mixed evenly into the wet concrete. They can reduce surface cracking by up to 90% and significantly improve the slabs crack resistance. With advances in technology the fibre is nearly impossible to see. We recommend that all of our stamped concrete contains fibre mesh.