Pour Day


Many factors need to be addressed to ensure that the concrete pour day will run smoothly. It’s one of the most important parts of a concrete job because it’s live – once the concrete is mixed and ready to pour, we have to work with it and start the design process immediately until it is complete.


Prior to the pour day, a lot of planning must take place. We watch the weather closely to make sure the temperature and conditions are suitable. We also make sure that the concrete supplier is able to be at the job site location on time, with the right amount of men to do the job. In addition, we examine the concrete pour location in order to find out how the ready-mix concrete can best get there – perhaps by pump or wheel barrow because the area is difficult to reach.
To make sure we leave no room for error, we order enough concrete on pour day, because it’s always better to have a little bit extra instead of not having enough to complete the job. We have poured concrete as simple as a small shed pad in a backyard to complex foundations for homes built on a slope, all from a barge because the residence is on an island. No matter where your job location is, we ensure that we take the pour day seriously so the outcome leaves a lasting impression.