Exposed aggregate concrete

What makes exposed aggregate concrete stand out amongst other concrete designs is its texture and unique look. An exposed finish makes your concrete durable and decorative at the same time. When the aggregate or rock in the concrete exposed it gives a pebbly surface that creates a decorative non-slip surface. View some of our previous exposed concrete projects.

We use exposed aggregate concrete regularly, and it is ideal for projects such as pool decks, driveways and patios. The overall look of exposed concrete depends on the colour, shape and size of the stones at the concrete ready-mix supplier companies. If you would like your exposed concrete to have more colours, we can ensure that your request can be carried through with concrete suppliers as well.

Coloured exposed aggregate is also gaining popularity. Because the majority of the surface is the exposed aggregate when the cement matrix is coloured it adds to the depth and beauty of the concrete. We recommend sealing exposed concrete as it brings out the colour of the stones and brings out that shiny ‘wet’ look.