Clean up and Sealing


Your decorative concrete is ready for traffic when it has been washed and given its final seal coat. When stamped concrete has been sealed the surface and colours are protected from the elements and surface damage such as stains. This leaves you with a long lasting surface that always looks new.

Before sealing, we pressure wash the entire concrete surface to remove the release powder, dirt, and any debris that may have fallen. This may be done in conjunction with a mild acid or cleaner depending upon the age and condition of your concrete.

Once the concrete is clean and completely dry, we apply sealer. The advantages of sealing concrete includes protection against de-icing salts, resistant to mildew and surface staining, an improved appearance and it makes your concrete easier to clean in the future.


Sealing Tip!
Concrete sealing needs to be done every one to two years in order to keep your concrete looking brand new.

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