Keeping your concrete in the same condition when it was newly placed can be a simple process with the right maintenance techniques. After almost every decorative project, we clean the concrete surface and seal it to act as the protective coating, our final touch. Exposed aggregate and stamped concrete both look amazing after a fresh seal coat.
We can also clean your concrete and make it look significantly better. Applying sealer to your concrete not only enhances your its appearance by giving it a natural glow, but also protects it from unwanted dirt, dust, and oils that stain and potentially take away from the look of your concrete. We also recommend sealing our commercial work in order to make the concrete look better and last longer.
Maintenance Tip!
we recommend having your concrete sealed every one to two years following your first seal coat.

Feel free to contact us again to add a new coat of sealer to one of our past projects, or for the first time