Commercial Concrete Services


We have experience removing and replacing large areas of concrete and replacing it with new decorative options. Today more businesses are opting to create a unique and impressive area where traditionally plain concrete existed. After all the front entrance to a commercial structure is your first impression to potential customers.

Monolithic smooth coloured interior floors are easier to clean and maintain than most other flooring options and look great at the same time.

Although our experience is not limited to decorative concrete, big is sometimes the keyword with commercial. We have the experience and men to handle areas of any size.



Placing and finishing are the most important steps for any concrete project.

Placing requires the area to already prepared for concrete, such as wooden forms and rebar set in place. Placing concrete is the method where concrete is poured or placed into the forms from the ready mix truck, pump or wheel barrel.

After the concrete has set sufficiently, we prepare to finish the concrete. Finishing is the process where we stamp, broom, trowel or expose the concrete surface in order to achieve its finished look. Concrete slabs can be finished in many ways, depending on the intended service use. Options include various colors and textures as well.



Strata Work

We take in our ability to work with strata corporations and to make the concrete look good in the public eye. Our experience ranges from well-known hotel pool decks and sky train stations to library entrances and multiple housing units.

If the strata work you need is residential, such as new town house units in need of pathways or multiple townhouses that requires revamped driveways, browse through our concrete design selections to see what we’ve done in the past.

We understand that many people are involved in decision making for strata plans. Therefore, we like to take our time with our clients in order to know exactly what each of them wants for their concrete needs. After having an initial meeting and reviewing the location, we provide the strata council with a free estimate.



Keeping your concrete in the same condition when it was newly placed can be a simple process with the right maintenance techniques. After almost every decorative project, we clean the concrete surface and seal it to act as the protective coating, our final touch. Exposed aggregate and stamped concrete both look amazing after a fresh seal coat.

We can also clean your concrete and make it look significantly better. Applying sealer to your concrete not only enhances your its appearance by giving it a natural glow, but also protects it from unwanted dirt, dust, and oils that stain and potentially take away from the look of your concrete. We also recommend sealing our commercial work in order to make the concrete look better and last longer.