When the concrete, asphalt, pavers, or that grassy unused area just isn’t doing it anymore, we start the preparation process. When contacted, we arrange to stop by and start your free consultation. During we will discuss options and you will receive a free estimate based on the project’s details.
In most cases, the existing surface is removed either by manual labour or machines. We also remove the subgrade or soil beneath the surface to replace it with better subgrade gravel.
After the area is properly cleared, the forming begins. Concrete forming is the process of temporarily installing a wooden outline of form for the newly concreted area. From forming straight lines to curves and even stairs, we guarantee that forming the outline of the concrete will be a secure job.
In order to have problem-free concrete, we use gravel as our new subgrade. Gravel is relatively easy to grade, compacts well, and has great drainage properties. All these attributes add to the life and durability of your concrete, because what’s beneath effects what’s above!
Concrete is very strong compressively, allowing it to carry heavy traffic easily, although the tensile strength of concrete leaves something to be desired. In order to strengthen concrete from shifting over time, reinforcement is recommended. Rebar and wire mesh are two recommended options. Rebar is steel bars laid in a grid and fixed together with tie wire. Wire mesh is better used in light traffic areas, soldered into a wire grid, and we put it in the concrete to keep it together.

Placing & Finishing Concrete?
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